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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lucy - The Sweetest Little Girl Ever

That's what her father called her.  I called her many things - Ms Furthing, Furface, and Fussy Furpants when appropriate.  Mostly we called her the sweetest little girl ever, a big lump of black and white who loved to snuggle and always slept up against one of us.

Lucy came in to my husband's life when she was a tiny bundle of spots.  Our vet had rescued her from a breeder who wanted to euthanize her because she was deaf.  She was the life of the party in puppy class, always the center of attention, teasing all the other puppies so that they would chase her.  She ruled over her yard from on top of the hot tub cover.  She was big and bold, racing the hillsides of the woods near our home, splashing and digging in every puddle and stream, playing with the biggest tree branch that she could find - the queen of the street and of her daddy's heart.

I joined them when Lucy was 8.  We spent many wonderful years together, hiking the trails, playing with her fur friends in the neighborhood, cuddling in bed each night with her either snuggled between us or draped over me.  I tried to un-spoil her, but she had her daddy wrapped around her little paw and there wasn't much that I could do to change either of them.   

Besides, how could I say "no" to that face?

I could tell you a million stories about Lucy and all the fun things she did, how she made us laugh, how she loved us and protected us, how she once ate the siding off of the house.

Lucy turned 15 a couple of months ago.  She was feeling her age, moving slower, not able to play with her puppy friends any more.  She tried her best, though, still trying to splash through puddles, still trying to chase her friends around, still a big snuggly lump of spots curled up against me every night.


Lucy left us two weeks ago.  I had wanted to write about her before, but between work and taking care of her, there just wasn't time.  Anyway, I wanted you to meet Lucy.  She was the sweetest little girl ever.