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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Deep Dark Secret

I've lived with a deep dark secret for years.  Now, it's time to let go, to let others like me know that it's okay.  There's no reason to hide, no cause for shame.

I'm a stone fondler. 

I love pretty stones.  I love to look at them, dream about them, fondle them.  They feel so cool and smooth in my hand.  I can't help myself.

Here's a picture of my favorites.  Favorites so far, anyway.  Somewhere out there is a neglected slab of stone, a beauty waiting to be discovered, collecting dust in a pile in the corner of some lapidary studio.  Don't worry, my sweet, some day that lapidary will find you and transform you in to the luscious stone that you dream of becoming.

The juicy hunk of white with pretty green orbs is a designer cut of Ocean Jasper.  It was created by Denise at Elemental Designs.  Denise has some seriously drool-worthy stones, including a 78 carat Koroit Boulder Opal that is right at the top of my "things I'm buying when my ship comes in" list.

 The trillion shaped beauty at top center is one of many amazing Tahoma Agates from Jack at Jack Jellies Stones.  Jack has quite the eye for finding beautiful patterns and landscapes in Tahoma Agate, as well as other types of agate, and many of them have found their way in to my jewelry and my "don't worry, honey, some day you too will be jewelry" collections.

The three other stunners are from my dear friend Barney at Lapidarious.  Barney has hot hot hot stones, and these are three of the hottest.  The brown and black swirly stone is Indonesian Petrified Palm Wood.  The red, white, and gray lovely is Leopard Skin Jasper.  Yes, it really is that red, just incredible.  The big slab of melting color beauty on the right is Misty Mountain Jasper.  It huge, too, almost 70mm long!! 

Don't look for these stones in jewelry in my shop any time soon.  Soon like "ever".  They are MINE MINE MINE!!!!  If you're nice, though, I might let you pet them.